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transitionI am in transition;
From being the biggest loudmouth bigot on the block, to trying my best, to see things, not in the light of personalities or even actions necessarily, but assessing things on the grounds of what is normally considered to be equitable and commendable ethics.
That is why I have disengaged from some folks on the Internet, not because they were wrong necessarily, but because it took me out of the orbit I am trying to maintain for myself.
Now, to be honest, I have not entirely forgone my enjoyment of baiting the odd invincible ignoramus; lol but generally speaking, I have found that contention and dissension are no match for consensus reached through mutual trust and respect as far as effectiveness and mature growth goes.
Sure, it may have come to me late, but it is here anyway at last!
Politics and religion seem to be the first places to which many run to hide their need for a clan to which to belong. Addressing another person’s philosophy, is tantamount in many folk’s minds, to attacking the person themselves. FaceBook has thrived on this particular penchant for one’s over investment in one’s paradigm. I suspect that this tribal mentality affects those more, who for whatever reason, experience a deficit of self worth. But for sure, politics and religion are two of the greatest vacuums of clear thinking and logical questioning, that anyone is likely to find anywhere.