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talk-to-the-handI cannot help but think that much, if not all, of the religious and political bickering I see on the web in general and FaceBook in particular, are all about whose poop tastes better. I keep asking myself, “why are you so eager to be a judge in a poop tasting competition?”. Sure, I enjoy the debate, perhaps even a little too much but I almost always get to see the ugly side as simple honest opinions almost inevitably, escalate out of control.

Have you noticed how often, otherwise intelligent ppl are so proud of “their” opinion of what the world needs now, that they must resort to personal smears and inuendo and memes generated by others? And the not so overt ones are often the most self righteous dicks. We have all heard them – they specialise in self righteous approaches like when southerners say, “Oh he loves Jesus but he drinks a little, bless his heart!” Or, She is just carrying a little too much weight, bless her heart.”. Hell! I have studied how to best others in just this way, and almost always left the field of battle feeling somehow less than the person I really want to be. I told myself at the time that I was just, after all, educating an idiot, or holding up the truth that others, less gifted and intelligent than myself, were unable to properly comprehend. Oh God! The foolish pride of it all.

Perhaps, sometimes, we need to step back and ask ourselves, what are we really achieving here. If success really IS the step by step realization of personal worthwhile goals, then why don’t we act more like that? If my thoughts and opinions are not producing a lifestyle spent in developing a wholesome, nutritious, common space, where inter-personal growth and the realization of common worthwhile goals are practiced and achieved, then what the hell is it all about anyway. I have watched friendships dissolve and good people demoralized due to the insatiable need for people of opposing opinions (including myself), to prove themselves right.

Had I spent the same amount of effort and wasted emotion into finding and fulfilling something meaningful for those less fortunate than myself, I think I would have liked myself better.