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the-hen-houseBy Bob Greaves


You cannot accept the mountain of evidence clear as day that Hillary is a criminal, but on the flimsiest of evidence you buy into this Russian crap!

Two things need to be discussed, the absurd accusation and the hypocritical outrage.

THE ACCUSATION: But 17 intelligence agencies have …. yes I am aware of the news release. Your government is lying to you. It is highly doubtful that from the existence of two malware files and IP traces that any computer security expert could know where they came from even if they know where the algorithms were first developed or what computers they may have passed through previously. In fact any computer expert capable of examining the possibility is also capable of false flagging it. But how could they then possibly know the intended purpose was to influence an election? THAT IS PURE CRAP! All countries with cyber ability spy on all other countries with cyber ability for intelligence reasons. They want to know what is going on behind closed doors. We do it, they do it. Just be honest about it. OMG, Russians are spying on us! Of course they are and we are no different. Unbend you nose.

THE OUTRAGE: the outrage for most is probably due to ignorance, but for many it is hypocrisy. No country on the planet has covertly modified the elections, governments, and agendas of other nations more than the USA.

Do you know anything about The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the US Army School of the Americas? Do you know what its critics are saying and what information they have uncovered? It is a United States Department of Defense Institute located at Fort Benning. That organization has been training, arming and supporting Latin American dictators and their military officers who have been responsible for killing millions of dissidents attempting to establish democratic and equitable policies in their countries that displease American corporations who do not want to pay more for the resources we extract from Latin American countries.

Do you know how the Democratic government in Iran fell in 1953 and how the truth was discovered some 25 years later?

How did Saddam Hussain come to power?

I could go on for hours. But, it would only be information you either do not want to know, or you could find some New Yorker article claiming we only kill bad guys, we only overturn bad governments and only influence elections in other countries to stop bad candidates.

But Donald Trump is a scary option. Yes I understand. I cannot begin to imagine what a Trump presidency would precipitate. And I mean I have no idea. But I have a clearer idea of what could happen under Hillary. But if I were to prognosticate that will be more of the stuff you don’t want to know about and don’t want to believe.

So we have a divided country. A large minority love Trump and a small majority love Hillary. When this many Americans can be this deluded over two candidates both who are over the edge unacceptable, I fear there is only a small hope remaining.

America has gone whacko. It is drowning in hypocrisy, flagrant in its ignorance, globally bold in abuse, narcissistically superior in its selfie, charitable to a fault to mask its abusive Empire.

Passionately uninformed or ardently misinformed, lazy when it comes to research, blind when faced with inconvenient facts, this is what we have become. America, I no longer trust you. You are more dangerous than any candidate. You live in your tiny little realities and when anyone tries to crack through your shell you simply, swiftly and conveniently dismiss them as if they are the ones living in some weird reality. This is serious delusion. You are the major inertia rushing us towards extinction.

But never-mind, lets make America Great again, no wait … better yet, it is Hillary’s turn.

Bob Greaves