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Today I read an interesting piece on FaceBag, written by a friend whom I respect. Eloquent and somewhat inspiring – but lacking one thing – IMHO; any practical call to action! It is entitled, “Why I Am Glad Trump Won” – as truly a snide little Title as I have seen.

Oh yes, he says we have work to do together! I got that, but given recent US history, I have no faith whatsoever, that in 8 years time, anyone on this thread will have lifted a finger (other than in words only) to “be the change you want to see”! Oh PUHleez Years ago I heard that tired old piece of rhetoric, and 8 years later nothing has changed. US wars STILL eclipse the need for addressing a nation of growing poverty and illiteracy; US religion, a US$600 billion annual US domestic and export business STILL has homeless people living and dying on the streets and under bridges in the US as somehow “unsolve-able”. Why don’t Americans just shut their yap and start doing? It won’t happen – believe me! And why? Because you have always needed someone who is prepared to give their life in return for that in which they truly believe, to inspire you to action. And they are ALL dead! And all we have left is YOU. A food worshiping, entertainment junkie, force fed by a bought and paid for media, and shackled to Uncle Sams Plantation! But IF by some wild stretch of the imagination, Americans somehow find the will to rise up off their collective asses and “be the change they want to see”, that will be the first time in history that it has happened in any advanced republic at this stage of their decline. Please! Stop posting this type of shit and actually do what the man said. BE THE CHANGE!!!!! For myself it is homeless folks. For you it may be different; but for Christ’s sake, don’t talk what you are not prepared to walk – if love has ANYTHING to do with real life, then stop with the bullshit! I deleted the post where you told me (somewhat condescendingly , but probably deserved), that I was “better than that!”. I am kinda saying the same back to you. Tell me first what you are doing, and then I will have much more respect for what you are saying.