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We are tending to conflate 5 issues regarding Trump and roll them all up into childish memes.
1) Trump’s personality
2) Trump’s character
3) Tump’s abilities
4) Trump’s intentions
5) The office of the President of the Unitited States

I think that any sane adult must agree that His personality is abrasive, ascerbic, gung ho, hyperactive and impulsive. Probably not the best combination in any President of the USA
2) TRUMP’S CHARACTER is far from perfect, but then I challenge anyone to claim that perfection of Character has EVER been a halmark of US presidents. In fact, it must be observed that duplicity and corruption are the hallmark of politics in general, of which the highest elected office in the nation is that of president.
3) TRUMP’S ABILITIES are all out there for everyone to see. Despite a number of business failures, he has unquestionably showed promise as a dealmaker who has multiplied his personal wealth. I hope he brings this to the office as president because God knows, we need it. If he can pull that off both in foriegn AND domestic policy, then we cannot help to be in better shape than we are currently.
4) TRUMP’S INTENTIONS are somewhat known both by his Election hustings and his leadership picks. HOWEVER what is NOT known is what this as yet uninstalled president will actually implement what he claims as his goals. You wouldn’t know that to read the biased claptrap on social media.
5) THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I have heard ad nauseum since arriving in the US that we need to respect the office of the President EVEN if we do not respect the President. What a ludicrous statement. US Presidents have systematically lied, committed perjury, used the White House as a brothel, started wars without congressional approval and much much worse. No! I will NOT honour the office of the US president. Why should I when presidents themselves all but urinate over that office?

We need to acknowledge that a flawed political system, ensures that we elevate to a flawed office, individuals with questionable character and flawed personalities, hidden intentions and questionable abilities. If it is true that we always only get the government we deserve, then we need to stop with the biased bitching and explore what WE the people can do to change things. Many will say – “but I am just one person”. Rosa Parkes was just one person. JFK was just one person, and the list goes on… If you cannot personally get involved in non partisan efforts to change this nation for the better, then you have no right to complain about getting the government you deserve.
This could equally apply to almost every western nation IMHO.