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There is, underlying the place in which we now find ourselves, a process whereby we reached this point. It would seem that if this point may be characterized by anything, it might be that of division. Until and unless we address the root cause , I fear we are lost.

I remember hearing how that years ago, one may be released from a mental asylum by passing a battery of certain simple cognitive tests.

One such test was to walk the patient past a running faucet where there was also a bucket and a mop close by. If the patient headed for the bucket and mop approach, they failed, but if they turned off the faucet, they passed.

The point was, of course, to address the cause and not the symptom. I never forgot this simple lesson, and it seems to me that unless we identify, isolate and address the root causes for why we are where we are, we are doomed to keep marching in place.