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I suppose, if the truth be told, yesterday’s post by myself was something of a tongue in cheek tease. I asked, “How do we make Jesus the Lord of our lives. I used that phrase as an echo of my decades in Christianity. (I no longer call myself a Christian.) In Christianity, I was invited, and invited others, to say a little magic prayer, that would result in them inviting Jesus into their hearts, repenting from my “sin” and hence making Jesus Lord of my life and becoming “saved”.
Let us be clear, in our foundation, so that its subsequent logic will be easily grasped. As Hebrews 7:7 says, the lesser is blessed by the greater, but to ever suggest that it also works the other way around, is like suggesting that it is the simplest thing to suppose that a river might flow backwards. And just as the lesser is always blessed by the greater and never the other way around, so also the lesser is promoted by the greater and never the other way round. The word “Lord” is a medieval English term (13th century) meaning the owner of the land or a person of superior standing within the community. It has come down to us today in the word “landlord”.
A traditional Lord was made so by the a power superior to himself; namely, the King! It was unknown for someone to elevate themselves, and human nature is such, that we quite reasonably reject those who call themselves by superior titles without cause.
So the first point is that by the law of Lordship Creation, we can NEVER make Jesus “Lord”
The other point, and runaway winner, is that God already beat you to it. Acts 2:36 says, “… know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ.”. Traditional Christianity also conveniently ignore the word “savior” in this verse and by parroting the magic “sinners prayer” makes YOU your own savior by your “works”, namely the work of your prayer.
So there we have it. Jesus is Lord, like it or lump it – the never needed YOUR probation of promotion – and He saved you without any magic prayer, repentance, or any other contrivance, especially man’s dogma! To suggest otherwise would require historical revisionism, logical dislocation and Biblical ignorance. It is for freedom that you have been set free. Enjoy!